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Bocce / Gin


Already started, see calendar for scheduled plays.



Calling All Gin Players . . . . Tournament starts Wednesday, April 3 . . . Beginners welcome!
Gin is coming back in April for any member that is interested in playing. If you have never played and may be a little nervous, we will
have two Wednesdays that will teach or refresh anyone how to play on March 27 at 5:30 pm— come on down to the Cantina and
have some fun. It is a lot of fun and it is a great way to meet other members. I will be out of town March 15 through March 24.
Cost is $25 to join for the ten weeks; and if you are in the top nine at the end of the season, you will play in the playoffs.

The deadline for signing up and paying is on or before March 27. You must be paid by that date. You can find me in La Cantina
sometimes or leave an envelope with your name/phone/email/money with one of the bartenders in the La Cantina, and I will get it.
You can also mail it to Brenda Berry, 900 Washington Ave Unit 5, Portland Maine 04103. Please make checks payable to Brenda
Berry. I really need to have a final paid count by March 20 to set up the schedule so make sure if you mail it, you mail it early so I
will get it by that date.

If the total number of players is not divisible by 3 the last one or two players who pay will be substitutes.
The tournament will start on April 3 at 6:15 pm with a 15-minute leeway. The tournament will run until June 5 with June 12 as the
playoffs. You can contact me at 773-1872 or 899-5149, or Looking forward to seeing you in April.

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