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IHC Scholarship Application 2018.v.1.4.pdf

IHC Employee Scholarship Application 2018.v.1.3

The Italian Heritage Center Scholarship Awards attempt to meet two goals. First, recognizing the value of higher learning, the scholarship itself seeks to encourage the continuing education of our members and their children. Second, the scholarship application process requires all applicants to consider their ethnic heritage and in this way continue to preserve its meaning. This year we will be awarding four $1500.00 scholarships: the IHC Scholarship, the Dominic and Linda Reali Scholarship, the DiBiase Family Scholarship, the Germani Family Scholarship to qualified applicants and finally the Anthony and Darlene Napolitano (Memory of Grandson Michael (Mickey) Chadbourn) have donated $1,500 today a qualified applicants.

I the IHC values its members and those with means contribute greatly to help further the education and success of of its members family though these generous  donations to these member and employee scholarships.


  • Anyone who has been an IHC member or associate member in good standing for at least one year, or the dependent of any such member is eligible.
  • Grandchildren of an IHC member or associate member in good standing for at least five (5) years is eligible.
  • The applicant must be continuing his/her higher education on a full time basis at an accredited institution of higher learning beyond high school.
  • Past winners are not eligible to apply while continuing to pursue an undergraduate degree; however, a past IHC Scholarship winner who is currently a member in good standing and is seeking an advanced degree (i.e., Masters, Doctorate, CAS) is eligible to apply for a second IHC sponsored scholarship.


  • The chairperson assigns a number to each application and removes all references to the applicant’s name and family name. Only the chairperson knows the applicant’s identity and the chairperson does not vote.
  • A panel of educators review all written applications and score the applications based on established criteria.
  • If the panel determines the need for semi-finalists, they are selected based on point total and interviewed by the committee.
  • Award winners are selected from the total points earned from the application and interview (if necessary).
  • If not selected, applicants are notified in writing.
  • Scholarship award winners are notified by phone and invited to the June general membership meeting to be recognized and to read their essays.


  • All materials become the property of the IHC Scholarship Committee and are kept confidential.
  • All materials are shredded following the selection of scholarship winners.
  • Only applications completed and submitted by the deadline of  5:00pm, Tuesday May 1, 2018 will be considered. A member of the committee will be present at the IHC to ensure that applications are not received after the deadline.
  • Each applicant must assume responsibility for gathering and submitting all the information required in the application. Applications will not be accepted as complete unless all pages are received. Recommendations can be submitted as an attachment.
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