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3 Hidden Gem Wedding Venues and Halls For Rent In Portland, Maine

Are you looking for a wedding venue in Portland, Maine? Finding the perfect event space can be challenging as there is so much to think about. You want to be sure the venue matches your aesthetic for the ceremony and reception. The venue must meet your capacity needs to accommodate all of your friends and family who are coming to celebrate with you. Ample parking space and accessibility for all are necessary to make sure your guests are stress-free (especially if coming from out of town) and can enjoy your big day. Some wedding venues in Portland, Maine are only open for weddings seasonally, which limits your date options. These are all things you need to consider while looking for a venue while also staying within your budget. Check out these three hidden gem wedding venues serving Portland residents with excellent event spaces for your wedding day. 

Italian Heritage Center, A Traditional Wedding Reception Venue

The Italian Heritage Center near downtown Portland, Maine is a classic wedding banquet hall suited to hosting large receptions, with an experienced staff who will help you plan and orchestrate your perfect day. Are you overwhelmed by choosing a photographer or entertainment? Not to worry! The Italian Heritage Center is happy to assist you with their list of preferred vendors. Maybe you’re planning a smaller reception, or maybe you have a large guest list. Either way, The Italian Heritage Center has multiple banquet halls and can hold up to 450 guests. The Italian Heritage Center will set up all of your party favors, centerpieces, table arrangements, and place cards, so you can focus on enjoying your wedding. Conveniently located close to the highway, your guests coming from near or far will have easy access to the venue and will find plenty of parking upon arrival.  The Italian Heritage Center is an all-season venue, so your wedding date won’t be limited to a certain time of year.  They provide a customizable menu with many different options to fit your taste, as well as all-inclusive packages to fit your needs and budget. The Italian Heritage Center will make your wedding-day vision come to life, while you can relax and know that your big day is being taken care of. 

The Public Works, A Cozy Wedding Reception Venue

If you’re looking for a more low-key event that is budget friendly, check out The Public Works in Portland, Maine. Their event space is designed with a modern industrial vibe in the heart of Portland. With a 1,000-2,600 sq. ft. indoor event space, you would need to have a fairly small guest list. They do however have a cozy outdoor event space to provide some more room. This venue provides tables, chairs, and has a clean design so you can be creative and bring your wedding to life. The Public Works has open and cash bar options available, food truck parking and hookups, and permits outside catering so you have plenty of options for feeding your guests. If you’re planning on having a classic wedding with a large guest list, and would prefer inclusive options, this venue might not be right for you. If you plan on having a modern industrial reception with a small guest list and would prefer to hire multiple vendors, The Public Works could be a great fit. 

O’Maine Studios, A Venue With Unconventional Artistic Flair

Another hidden gem wedding venue option in Portland is O’Maine Studios. This is a unique and urban option with a commercial studio space that is great for gatherings of up to 300 people. They also have a patio and garden with a fire pit so guests can enjoy some outdoor space. Their studio space allows you to customize in order to meet your reception needs. They do not provide food, but they do have an industrial kitchen for a caterer and space for food truck parking. O’Maine Studios can provide video and photography services, unique and customized lighting, and they have plenty of different spots for amazing photo opportunities. They also can provide table and chair rentals, bar and bartender services, and have rental parking available. O’Maine studios would be a great venue for a couple who would like a wedding venue with a unique and urban vibe, and who would like to be very involved in the design and planning of their wedding day. If you’d prefer to have some aspects of your wedding included with your venue and handled for you, this venue might not be for you. 

There are many excellent options for your wedding venue in Portland, ME, and it’s a matter of finding the right fit. We believe the Italian Heritage Center is a great choice for people looking for a large traditional wedding reception venue that can accommodate all their guests with parking and ample space! You can contact the Italian Heritage Center to talk about your big day here.